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Satisfaction Speaks for Itself

Hear from contractors on their experiences with Ideal

"I want to acknowledge with my sincerest thanks the great service you have given me by offering me the chance to perform technical writing at your client.  

Let me express my gratitude.  When my recruiter contacted me, I was distressed by my frustration at not finding good opportunities to do the work that I love so much.  Your consideration, competence, and professionalism, both in the recruiting, and in the new hire packet/onboarding experience, were very impressive and welcoming.  

It impressed upon me that if I have the opportunity to work for Ideal again, it would be a great opportunity. I will be leaving to pursue an opportunity which I was awarded in May of this year, but for which the start date was stalled until July 29.  You may hear from me, later in the year, as I may be available again and would love to work with Ideal and your client again."  
Robert L. Clements, Dr., Ideal Contractor 

"You have the best customer service hands down"

John Kinabrew, Ideal Contractor

At Ideal Marine we understand the importance of keeping the lines of communication open. Get connected immediately with the Ideal Marine team whether you need specialized talent or to submit your resume.

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